Registred Office
Synergas srl
Via Riviera di Chiaja 287
80121 Napoli
Ph +39 081 9637170 (switchboard) fax +39 081 3313110

office {at} synergas {dot} it


PEC: synergas {at} legalmail {dot} it

Top Management: direzione {at} scini {dot} com
Accounting Department: accounting {at} synergas {dot} it
Chartering and Operations department: chartering {at} synergas {dot} it
Quality, Safety and Vetting departments: sms {at} synergas {dot} it
Technical department: technical {at} synergas {dot} it
Purchase department: purchase {at} synergas {dot} it
Crew department: crew {at} synergas {dot} it
Information and technology department: it {at} scini {dot} com